Intelligent sous vide production equipment

We have been working with automation for more than 25 years. It has given us a unique starting point for producing one of the market's most advanced sous vide equipment

BIPA Gastros primary focus on ease of use and functionality with a design that fits into the professional kitchen, has resulted in sous vide production equipment that meets most of the requirements that can be expected today for this type of system; both in regards to easy, intuitive operation, documentation for own-checks and complete documentation to relevant inspection authorities.

The sous vide production equipment is equipped with sensors, which give the optimal framework for data logging of production values as well as monitoring of ongoing sous vide production. These functions, combined with the transfer of data to the cloud, enable BIPA Gastro to monitor sous vide production and subsequently check whether the the installation is functioning optimally and, if necessary, initiate analysis of possible measures for optimal production.

Your guarantee of high food safety

The absolute highest food safety

Food safety is our keystone of Sous vide production. From day one it has been our top priority of needed funcionality. We have ensured that our Sous vide equipment complies with the applicable rules. But we do not stop here.

This means that all productions and values are logged, and the installation ensures that the production always achieves high food safety.

It allows our customers to document the entire process as well as the necessary risk documentation, if the food authorities request this. This is completely unique in this industry, and provides safety. A safety that applies to the staff and to the end user as well.

You can always get help

Support and monitoring

It is important for us that you never feel alone or lost in relation to the use of your sous vide production equipment. Once you have bought an installation, you become part of our community, where you can read more about sous vide, get inspiration for recipes, but more importantly, you get access to call our experienced sous vide experts.

It allows us to monitor all productions, and at the same time be available for troubleshooting and support.

Support and monitoring is part of our support package, which is a mandatory part of the production apparatus, as we can thereby guarantee that your productions comply with the applicable rules and laws for food safety in your country.

Data logging directly in the cloud

To ensure that all productions, batches and values are logged correctly, data is automatically sent directly to the cloud. Data is stored and communicated in accordance with IEC 62443, where it’s also accessable externally.

This means that you can rest assured that all data is stored in accordance with the applicable rules and laws in your country.

Spare parts agreement

As an additional service, we also offer a spare parts agreement, where we provide an extended warranty on components. If a component, against all expectations, breaks, we will send a new one as soon as possible. You must arrange for the component yourself to be replaced in collaboration with a local technician.

Simple and efficient.

A community

The sous vide market is growing day by day. This applies not only to the private part, but also to industry. We want to spread knowledge and utilization of Sous Vide as much as possible, so we share recipes, knowledge and ideas about Sous Vide production with our users of the production equipment.

Flexible setup of heating profile

The sous vide production equipment has the option of making 5 steps in the heating profile with a combination of water temperature or core temperature as a measure of activation of cooking time. Production information is always logged and appears on the individual report to provide a complete overview of the process.

Cooling of product

The cooling phase is an important part of the sous vide process. This process is started when the specified production values have been achieved and when the final product has achieved the highest possible food safety. Cooling to 10°C must take place in less than three hours, which is in accordance with the Danish authority of food safety’s recommendations to avoid the growth of bacteria.


The sous vide production equipment comes with a recipe system. BIPA Gastro assists with setting up recipes when the equipment is installed. Thereafter, the user will always be able to get assistance in connection with the Plus concept, where BIPA Gastro shares experiences made with sous vide production. The user therefore receives a usable product from the first production, and can implement his/her own experiences in the system.

External operation and monitoring of sous vide production equipment

The intelligent sous vide production equipment is connected directly to the Internet, allowing the user to remotely control production as well as monitoring the process. Based on the logged production information, sensors, actuators and the functions of the sous vide equipment are continuously monitored. This allows BIPA Gastro to provide external support and assistance.

Energy and water consumption

During sous vide production, energy and water consumption are registered, which provides a complete overview of production costs per batch.

Heating program

The heating function of the sous vide production equipment can be started separately by entering the temperature and water level.

Cooling program

The cooling function of the sous vide production equipment can be started separately by entering the water level.

Cleaning program

The sous vide production equipment contains a cleaning program for easy and simple cleaning of the pipe system as well as the inside of the tub.

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